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"Sankhya Sutra" is Sanskrit for Numerical Algorithms. At SankhyaSutra Labs, we are revolutionising the world of simulation and scientific computing by striving for "Drik Ganita Aikya": our computational results precisely match your experimental observations. Our slew of innovations - from efficient algorithms all the way down to high performance code optimisation - open up a whole world of possibilities for highly accurate simulations. 

SankhyaSutra Labs leverages the path-breaking simulation methodology developed in the mesoscale simulation lab of Prof. Santosh Ansumali. If you are modelling a multiphysics phenomenon and have your partial differential equations (PDEs) formulated, our simulations will give you highly reliable results. And we do that with significantly less computing power for a given accuracy.

Our flagship offering is Fluid Dynamics Simulation. We provide highly accurate results because we do not use any explicit turbulence models. The results of our simulations are therefore intrinsically reliable. We also provide packages for fluid simulation coupled with thermal and electrical solvers. Using our core technologies, we are developing and offering solutions targeted to Aerospace, Automotive, Healthcare and Semiconductor markets. Please write to us to know more about these exciting offerings.

Founding Members

Sunil Sherlekar

Sunil D. Sherlekar

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Nachiket Urdhwareshe

Nachiket Urdhwareshe

Chief Operating Officer

Santosh Ansumali

Santosh Ansumali

Chief Technical Advisor

Salvatore Arcidiacono

Salvatore Arcidiacono

Business Head - Europe


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